We (Too) Are All Souls…

It begins with love and reading. It begins with the discovery of the All Souls Trilogy …

Three years ago, I was *humphgr* years old 😉 before I learned fandoms were for more than teenagers who loved Twilight. It all started when I discovered the Outlander books and show, but thought I was alone in what I took from the experience. Enter Vida and her creation Blacklanderz™ that gave me a home, to not only express my enjoyment for Outlander with like-minded men and women, but also contribute by writing for the Blacklanderz™ Convos.

We are Clan Blacklanderz™! – Vida

So what does this have to do with AllSoulsSisterz™? I had an overwhelming and immediate love for Deborah Harness’ books and A Discovery of Witches TV show, and told anyone who’d listen. It occurred to me that there may be others out there who thought they were alone in their experience, or worse, were unaware that all this fabulousness exists at all! I then thought “maybe I can do for All Souls what Vida did for Outlander” and so AllSoulsSisterz™ was born.

We are Black women who love and support Deborah Harness and all her projects; the All Souls Trilogy and all subsequent books; and the TV show – developers, cast, and crew. We are especially excited by the books’ diversity, honesty, and accuracy across ethnicity, gender, sexuality, socio-ecomomics, and centuries, and the visual representation of the same in the show.

Deborah in her writing, show developers in their casting, and a multitude of fans with their embrace, have made it very clear – We (too) are All Souls.

Thank you, Cathy


I am a Family Medicine and Community Health physician who spent so many years of my life pursuing my love of science and my fascination with the human body, another love fell away; Reading for pleasure. When I say reading for pleasure, I mean finding the book that keeps me up all night, days at a time, with characters I miss like a death when it comes to an end. The kind of reading that makes me nostalgic for places I’ve never been, longing for people I’ve only met through words, and that inspires me to be more than – better than – I was before reading it. The All Souls Trilogy are those books. Much like the love in the All Souls books and A Discovery of Witches TV show, it is too much to be contained – it was restless and wanted to get out. So here I am, sharing my love with you in the best way that I know how (without driving myself and everyone around me crazy).


I love to read all genres of literature especially those books that have multidimensional, diverse characters that we find in the All Souls Trilogy. Admittedly, I watched S1 of A Discovery of Witches first. Then Cathy encouraged me to read all the books. I fell in love with all the characters and love the locations where the stories take place – Venice is one of my most favorite places. Additionally, having a PhD in educational policy studies, with a major in higher education/focus on philanthropy, and being an adjunct professor, I was particularly fond of the fact that Diana is a professor in higher education, archival research and that the story intertwines philanthropy in it – Elias Ashmole collection at the Bodleian Library, Ashmole 782. So, I am just here to help Cathy spread the joy that #WeAreAllSouls!

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